Landlord Advisory 


Many landlords are faced with a complex and confusing set of circumstances, the likes of which have never been seen before. Tenants are reaching out asking for rent reductions, threatening to walk out, or asking why they should even have to pay rent given that the Federal Government has forced many of them to close their business. It's expensive to call in a solicitor, and smaller landlords are asking who can help translate the revised legislation, explain it in plain English and what it means to them.

"I'm still paying my land tax, council rates and bank repayments, how I am I expected to survive as a landlord ?"

"Why should I be expected to fund what is the Government's problem ?"

"What does this mean for my investments and my retirement ?"

"How long will this last, how much rent will I be getting ?"

"What do they mean by a rent deferral and write off ?"

Our Landlord Advisory Service Offering includes:

  • One on one meetings with landlords & investors to explain to you what the National Mandatory Code Of Conduct means for YOUR rights as a landlord , rental payments and leasing arrangements.

  • Restructuring of lease arrangements , including rental payment schedules to take into account COVID legislation requirements, whilst ensuring that landlord's cash flows continue and your property's value is not affected long term. 

  • Attendance at meetings and correspondence with tenants , including negotiations and final agreement.

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