Business Support


The impact of COVID-19 has been widespread, whether you have an office based business, operate from industrial premises, or own a retail store. It has made it necessary to reboot and take a closer look within all areas within your business. Areas such as on-line sales, home deliveries, zoom meetings and virtual showrooms are just some of the ways that have changed the way we work, sell and operate in a COVID world.

Our business support services can be tailored to retail or wholesale operations of all sizes and include :

  • Analysis of a businesses' important numbers including all operating costs, margins and profitability.

  • Assessment & subsequent identification of key areas within the business needing improvement and development. 

  • Identification of new sales channels, marketing opportunities and new product opportunities 

  • Renegotiating of rentals, lease and supplier agreements

  • Drafting, execution & monitoring of a new operational plan.

We have the experience in working with all businesses large and small, from food to fashion, furniture to fruit,  whether it be wholesale, retail or manufacturing.

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