Tenant Advisory

The complex nature of changes to rental payments, as well as other lease related issues under the Federal Government's "National Mandatory Code Of Conduct" and NSW's "Retail & Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation 2020" requires tenants to have a thorough knowledge and practical application of the new legislation and what it mean for their business.

"When do I pay rent & how much to I have to pay ?"     

            "What's a rent deferral ?"              

"My landlord is threatening to lock me out"  

"What about my bank guarantee or rental bond ?"    

"I've been closed so why should I pay rent ?" 

"I just want to pack up and leave, can I ?"

These are all questions being asked by tenants right now. The Federal Government now requires tenants and landlords to meet and negotiate, but where do you start?  It's a intimidating situation on top of the stresses in reopening and trying to get your store back on track post COVID.

We can eliminate the confusion and assist you throughout this process. 

Our tenant advisory services include 

  • Providing you with a thorough explanation and briefing of the revised legislation explaining all protections and concessions you are entitled to, and what it means for YOUR business, YOUR rent And YOUR future.

  • Creating a "road map" for negotiations to ensure that not only you receive these benefits, but also take full advantage of the opportunity to negotiate amendments to your lease which take into account the impact of COVID-19 n your business long term. 

  • All communications & representation to landlords on your behalf to start the process of reviewing rental payments, renegotiating leases.

  • Attendance at meetings with landlords on your behalf or alongside you to negotiate &  achieve the best possible outcome for your business. 


In the event that you are required to attend mediation, this can be a stressful and daunting time, we can assist with preparation for the mediation process & represent you at these proceedings to ensure a fair outcome.


A final key element of our tenancy advisory is that of lease renewals and renegotiations. Lease renewals are important, and it is necessary that any lease options are exercised in a timely manner to secure your future and not undo your hard work. A structured approach needs to be taken when it comes to renewing your lease with issues such as refits, new rentals and revisions that can seriously impact your business if not carefully assessed. We are specialists in the lease renewal and negotiating process and can ensure that all of the detail is covered, you are aware of al issues and can continue to trade successfully and profitably into the future. 

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